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All our ideas for your brand have to be delicious enough to be worthy-of-being -on -Odd Bangla. And that means we’re as invested as you are in making sure that we get only the most awesome ideas out there.

The Favourite Platform For Youngs

While mass media wasn't looking, young Bongs turned into a connected collective with enormous influence. They demand attention, representation and preference while rejecting those who ignore them. While they take pride in being part of young india, they have a stronger sense of self than any generation before them. Odd Bangla gets this, and that’s why we’re besties with young Bongs.

Not a stereotype

Young Bongs defy stereotypes, choosing to be fun junkies, techheads, foodies, thinkers, activists, entertainers, culture makers and more. They are global in every way but what excites them most are contemporary stories. And we are best in that only

What We Do Best

Scopes for Partnership and Advertisements
  • 1. Custom Native Content

    Odd Bangla's in-house creative team works with brands and agencies to create articles aligned with relevant brand objectives, themes and campaigns. The content is designed for sharing and to resonate strongly with your target audience.

  • 2. Social Discovery

    We Know How To Get The Numbers! Social networks are where millennials discover and consume news and information. But its also where your brand stories compete with pop culture.

  • 3. Custom Integrations

    With custom integrations, brands get the opportunity to create unique content properties that showcase your POV and knowledge in the most interesting ways. Custom integrations are tailor-made for your brand's objectives. Get in touch with us at oddbangla@gmail.com if you'd like to know more!

  • 4.Video Originals

    We generally produce Video Series for various platforms. We can also promote your brand through that.


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    Why Us?

    Odd Bangla’s modern, content platform offers a unique opportunity for brands to maximise return on advertising spend. oddbangla.com has become South Asia’s most respected and popular Bengali digital content platform. Work with us on branded content campaigns across the borders and audience segments to deliver impactful branded content to the millions of users we reach..

    We Design Great Graphics. We play with the templates that no Bengali Media played before.

    Great Look and Feel
    Design Is the Key to Sucess

    Creating a good content is not enough your brand needs proper distribution. We have professionals who will analize your content and Desing a Proper Distribution Policy.

    Proper Distribution
    Content Distribution is the Main Part of Brand Promotion

    Each brand promotion needs special kind of treatment. OddBangla is Expert in that.

    Branded Contents
    Branded Contents is the New Way of Promotion

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